Monday, March 14, 2016

Project Log: Jordan Dye

Individual Project - My Progress

  • 3/02/16 - "Bringing Leisure Back in Balance"
    I laid out my ideas on leisure and its importance in balancing our lives. I am planning to alter it slightly to make it more persuasive.
  • 3/07/16 - "Balancing Leisure to Balance Our Lives"
    I wanted to take a stab at making a video to represent my ideas, so I used Prezi and a screen recorder to see what I might possibly do for my video. I want to make my argument more precise and put in a more personal tie.
  • 3/09/16 - "Balancing Leisure to Balance Our Identities"
    I tried to tie my personal idea and project to one of the 5 themes of the group project. Apparently this was not good enough and I have to find a different topic.
  • 3/14/16 - "You Care? Prove it."
    This is a first go at a new idea, that will hopefully fit better with the 5 themes.
  • 3/16/16 - "Video Claim: Connect Online to Collaborate Offline"
    Put my claim into a short video and put it out to my social web for feedback. I want to narrow my topic slightly.
  • 3/30/16 - "New Media and Technology Saves Lives"
    This is the new idea based on my video claim feedback and the feedback from my group as we worked to nail down our group topic. From feedback I have recieved I plan to focus more on the arguemtn versus the group saying social media destroys relationshps.
  • 4/4/16 - "Collaborating to Save Lives"
    This is it. The final iteration of my personal project.

Group Project - My Contributions

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