Monday, March 14, 2016

Project Log: Michael Stevens

Personal Project Posts:

My first article where I seek to flesh out my argument about the way media affects the perceptions of women and gender roles in society. This first iteration is trying to make people think about the way they perceive women based on the media they consume. Some of the comments I received in this post were incorporated in my next post.
This second article builds on the first by adding more examples of the ways women are being affected by the media. Particularly I focused on connecting this post to the principle of "Identity," claiming that our 21st century media leads to a loss of female identity. This post has led me to lean less towards identity and more towards the affects of digital media on gender.

This post has sought to follow the advice of creating more evidence for my claim. I divide my argument into subsections, creating more of a cohesive organization around the idea of digital society.

In 14 seconds I've condensed my main claim and argument, then posted this video on my personal Facebook profile. This blog post includes the video and the feedback I've received from my social network connections.

Based on a comment I received on my last personal post, I incorporated a counter-argument in relation to the effect of video games on gender treatment. Not much changed from the last iteration to this one, besides the introduction, wherein I worked to connect to the central group theme.
I built off my last iteration through adding more real world examples and videos to enhance the viewer experience. I hope that anyone found reading my post will broaden their view of their personal perception and treatment of women and how the digital media affects them. 

Group Project Posts:

Hybrid Pedagogy is a peer-reviewed website that contains articles related to pedagogy and epistemology. This article gives a brief curated list of articles from the website that could be useful for the molding of our class project and final article.

Using a video production website, we put together a compilation of images and voice-overs to introduce the topics we have been discussing throughout the semester. The text we have inserted is a simple transcript of the voice-overs. 
This iteration was adapted based on the in-class feedback we received from our peers and teacher. Most people said that it was difficult to see how our three topics worked together in a cohesive manner, therefore we identified the thread of "change in our digital society."
Our final iteration of this project. We put together a simple video to present a brief introduction to the topics we have been exploring throughout the semester. Incorporating images and highlights from each group members' personal posts, we hope that any readers can understand what our central claim is and gain interest to learn more.

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  1. Hey Micheal check out this video on the objectification of women- ... I think it will go well with your argument. it's a little graphic, but it's all true.