Monday, March 14, 2016

You Care? Prove It!

With all the technology and unsupported digital conversation, how do people know that you actually care about anything?
Connecting with other people is a natural human need. In the words of the writer and researcher Brene Brown, "We are psychologically, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually hardwired for connection, love, and belonging. Connection, along with love and belonging (two expressions of connection), is why we are here, and it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives." In the world of constant "connection" through our devices and social media, are people even connecting anymore? They can and they should. We need to use our devices and technology to change the world, not ruin it!

During the renaissance the idea of individualism started to take off. However, this idea was different from the view of individualism today. The humanists of the time encouraged everyone to gain and education and gain knowledge for themselves so that they could contribute to the greater whole of the community. We need to do the same the today. Look outside of ourselves and put our knowledge and resources together to make a difference in our communities, which with out technology, really encompasses the globe.

This is not necessarily a  new idea, we just need to embrace it. Rather than using your time to like that picture or to watch the next viral video, use your time to change the world. Technology is connecting people in a new way and enabling them to contribute in real ways to improve our society.

One great example of the success of using technology to collaborate and change the world is an app called Pulse Point. Once you download the app on your phone, it uses your GPS to give you specific updates for when someone near you needs your life saving help. This is crowd-sourced CPR. When a call comes in to 911 that someone is down and needs CPR, an alert is sent out to all Pulse Point uses within walking distance of the scene so that they can respond and initiate live saving CPR before the ambulance gets there.

This app was created by an off-duty paramedic who was eating lunch when someone in the building next to the restaurant collapsed and needed CPR. No one in the building started CPR and by the time that the ambulance got there, it was too late. This paramedic knew that he could have made a difference and at least started CPR if he had only known.

What are you going to do to connect and collaborate online to change your world off-line? Start today!

I Need you help! This is a new idea to better fit the 5 themes. Please give me feedback on it. This idea is still fresh.


  1. I really like this idea. it actually seems that we are having some of the same ideas. my blog post started out similar to yours in assessing the negative ideas of social media but then giving the call to action to create the digital age into something that can help people, something positive. so I really like your main idea. your examples were spectacular. I loved the the section on the 911 app. that is a really good example. In response for you ask for help I would suggest thinking of a call to action. What do you want to have happen specifically because of your post. this is something that will help you narrow your idea, its something that i am trying to think about for my idea as well.

  2. This is a super good article! I especially like the discussion of PulsePoint, that's super interesting. I also decided to redo my project, and looked at crowdfunding in my post "$5 to Save the World", maybe we can work off of each other. I think it was mentioned in class, but there's a studio c about a facebook philanthropist who feels so good because of all the social good his "likes" are making, it might be a good way to start this post off!

  3. I really liked the post! You seem to have a pretty solid topic, and your pictures all related well--however, maybe try moving the pictures to the side so the text lines up with it. It may help visually connect the ideas while still breaking up the text.